Anna Donska
Kronenweg 7a
69118 Heidelberg

+49 1578 153 1993

Anna Donska is an illustrator of Ukrainian origin who lives in Germany since 2000.
As a child she used to draw most of her spare time, then at school she fell in love with languages.
She studied French and English Language and Literature in her home city of Charkiw. Then, as
the destiny brought her to New York, she rediscovered her passion for drawing in form of "urban
sketching" (which was not yet called so).
Back to Europe, Anna Donska studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences
in Augsburg, Germany and art education at the University of Arts in Zurich, Switzerland.
Now she lives as a freelance illustrator, tour guide and art educator in Heidelberg.
Being a mother of three means for Anna Donska a lifetime job and a great source of inspiration.

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